Improve Silicon Valley property energy efficiency.Silicon Valley property continues to be one of the hottest markets in the state. It’s not hard to get a great price for Silicon Valley real estate, but even small improvements can help to increase the value of a house. Because of the focus on green energy and environmental friendliness, some of the best remodeling jobs to think about are those that make a home more energy efficient. Here are four of our best ideas.

1. Replace old windows with new, energy-efficient models. Opt for wooden frames, too. This will improve the appearance of the exterior the house, too. A beautiful exterior is vital for making a positive first impression with buyers.

2. Get energy-efficient doors. A new front door is a great way to improve curb appeal at the same time. Avoid hollow-core doors. They let the climate controlled air inside the house to escape, while letting the outside air in.

Go Green on Silicon Valley Real Estate and Plant Trees

3. Add ceiling fans. These help the air conditioner work more efficiently by moving cool air around the room. In the winter, they also help to keep warm air from pooling in the ceiling. There are many attractive ceiling fans to choose from, and they can help to draw the eye up and make the room appear more spacious.

4. Plant trees. Besides adding beauty to the exterior of the home, good shade trees can help reduce energy bills by as much as 10 percent. Be sure to shade your air conditioner to help it work efficiently.

If you’d like to talk more specifically about improvements you should make to your Silicon Valley real estate, please give our office a call.