Backpackers from Saratoga homes love to hike.The Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail is a beautiful three-day Bay Area backpacking trip descending nearly 3,000 feet to Waddell Beach. There are two equally adventurous route options. Most hikers opt to get dropped off at Saratoga Gap and hike 25 miles downhill until they reach the beach. The other journey begins at Castle Rock parking lot and continues 28 miles to the ocean. Whether you opt to get dropped off or drive yourself and park an additional car at the bottom, the journeys are breathtaking and they finish at the same destination less than an hour from your Saratoga home.

Friends and family build strong bonds while hiking through chaparral and relaxing in lush old growth redwood groves. Make memories splashing around in Opal Creek and Berry Creek Falls. The view of San Lorenzo River Valley along the trail is the perfect group photo op.

Hikers carry all the group’s gear on their backs and set up camp at designated camping spots outfitted with running water. If you’ve left something back at your Saratoga home, the Big Basin Park gift shop you come to the second night has you covered.

For more information to help you plan your Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail adventure close to beautiful Saratoga real estate, visit the trail information site.