Join Keller Williams Bay Area Estates for a great career.Here at Keller Williams Bay Area Estates, we’re looking for someone to join our team who’s passionate about growing a real estate career. We have a lot of advantages in our office. Our lead broker, Mario Ramirez, is a native of the area. He’s also been working as an agent in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley and has over two decades of experience. The Silicon Valley market is very active and has great potential for profits. However, in order to make those profits materialize, you have to understand what clients are looking for and where to find it. The intense activity of the market means that things are constantly shifting, and it’s vital to have an mentor who can help you learn to navigate these quickly changing waters.

Keller Williams Offers Agents the Tools They Need for a Great Real Estate Career

An experienced mentor is one vital factor for a strong real estate career. Another key factor is access to the tools and data that give you up to the minute information on changes in the market. These help you to plan your own business strategy, as well as enabling you to check in and see how your plan is working. At Keller Williams Bay Area Estates, another great benefit we offer to our agents are the tools and courses Keller Williams offers to help agents succeed.

In 2011, Keller Williams unveiled the Career Growth Initiative (CGI). This is a suite of powerful tools that help agents make goals and track their progress. From within the program, agents can keep track of monthly listings and their growth in market share. View reports that detail whether your day to day activities are producing leads and sales. The CGI tools also help you to tell the story of your business. This will show clients that you have expertise in your area and underscore your value as an agent. In fact many agents who use the CGI suite have seen their market share and profitability go up very significantly.

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