Enjoy Byxbee park near a Silicon Valley home and Palo Alto real estate.Byxbee Park is sure to become a favorite for any new Palo Alto real estate owner. This unique park offers trails, restrooms, beautiful views, and interesting environmental art. Enjoy training for races, keeping in shape, or just taking a stroll with friends, family, and pets. There are terrific views from several high points in the park, as well as sheltered parts of the park that are created by hillocks that were inspired by the shell mounds created by the Ohlone people who used to inhabit this area two to four thousand years ago. The art and history in this beautiful park are sure to help everyone appreciate their Silicon Valley home.

Those owning Palo Alto real estate and all visitors will enjoy seeing small animals and birds along the trail system as well as many beautiful plants and grasses. Crushed oyster shells cover the trail system. This material will move and compact naturally and provide a beautiful ambiance for the park. A broad collection of artists have moved and sculpted the earth in this park. Have fun learning about the past, experiencing nature, and appreciating present advancement by viewing the nearby airport. This park has much to offer all visitors and is located at 2375 Embarcadero Road. Click here to visit the park webpage.