Go swimming on Santa Clara real estate.Children living on Santa Clara real estate spend fun filled days at Mary Gomez Park & Pool. Acres of space provide seemingly limitless hours of entertainment for all. Families make memories playing together in the park. Play structures are made for exercise and make believe. Barbeques are ready for grilling and plenty of picnic tables are available for sit down meals. Buddies shoot hoops on the basketball court. And, the action is better than ever on the tennis courts. 

Everyone from Santa Clara Homes Can Take Swimming Lessons

During the days of summer the doors to the Mary Gomez Pool are open. There’s plenty of splashing around in the pool. Recreational swim times are on the calendar to help residents cool off. Swim classes teach youngsters from babies on up. The aquatic program ranges from water familiarity and safety to stroke development and mastery.

The Mary Gomez Park & Pool was named for a neighborhood school teacher. Mary Gomez believed in the importance of safe public spaces to meet and play. Leading the charge for parks in every community Ms. Gomez encouraged the expansion of the parks and recreation department serving the Santa Clara real estate area.

With a close location to Santa Clara homes at 651 Bucher Avenue it’s easy to take time to walk in Mary Gomez Park and enjoy time outdoors.