Learn about home inspection on Silicon Valley real estate.If you’re on the market for Silicon Valley real estate, you will be familiar with the home inspection process. The goal of a home inspection is to make sure there aren’t any serious problems with a Silicon Valley property. Most buyers make the sale of the house contingent on the home inspection. Some problems are serious enough that it’s wise to you don’t want to move forward with a deal. Structural damage or serious water damage are two problems you don’t want to ignore.

Hire Experts to Examine Silicon Valley Property to Know What’s Fixable

However, there are some other problems that don’t have to end the deal. One example is lead paint. Lead in paint was banned in 1978, but if you’re looking at older homes, a home inspector still might find some. It is possible to hire a professional who can safely remove lead paint.

Sometimes a home inspector will note an issue, but the true extent will not be known. Mold is an example. A bit of mold in the bathroom might mean you need to install a fan. Or it could mean that there is a toxic infestation. To determine what the issue really is, hire a mold specialist who can tell you the true extent of the issue. Similarly, a home inspector might find signs of a bug infestation. A professional exterminator is the person who can tell if there is structural damage. If you’ve found the perfect Silicon Valley real estate location, it’s worth it to hire experts to determine whether the problem is fixable or not. You can also negotiate with the seller and ask for them to fix the problem or contribute to closing costs.

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