Learn history near your Saratoga home.Learn more about the history of the area around your Saratoga home by visiting the Saratoga Historical Park. Visit the two heritage structures that house the museum two blocks east of the Saratoga Crossroads. The hours are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. The museum can also be open at other times by request for research or field trips. Learn about the people who first called Saratoga home and the pioneers who settled in the Santa Cruz Mountains and Sanborn Park. It is fun to imagine what the land looked like before the cities were carved out. Also learn about how this area has changed and emerged over time, becoming a hub for the tech industry.

Visit Historic Saratoga Real Estate at the Historical Park

Many special events happen at the museum, including dinners, fundraisers, speakers, and activities for kids. Information is also available for self-guided or docent led walking and biking tours to see historical sites around the city. Get some ideas for the outdoor areas of your Saratoga real estate by going on the garden tour. This facility offers many other great perks to the citizens of Saratoga. Schools or organizations needing a speaker on local history can contact the museum to set one up. Community service hours are available for teens here, the gift shop offers great books and other gift items, and plans are in the works for a new interactive blacksmith exhibit. Learn more about all that the Saratoga Historical Park has to offer and plan a visit.