Try new counters for the bathroom at your Silicon Valley home.In any Silicon Valley home, the kitchen and the bathrooms are the hardest working areas. Kitchen remodels can be time-consuming and costly, but a few cosmetic fixes in make a bathroom shine. These projects increase the value of Silicon Valley real estate, while also making them more livable for current residents.

Good lighting in the bathroom is a must. For just a few hundred dollars, you can swap out dowdy or dated lights for something brighter or more modern. Warm lights above the mirror will get you the most bag for your buck.

Heated Floors or a Spa Shower Head are Great Improvements for Silicon Valley Real Estate

Another project for Silicon Valley home owners to make the bathroom more user-friendly is to install heated flooring or heated towel racks. It’s so luxurious to step out of a shower or bath and have warm towels waiting for you. Since bathrooms are small, changing the flooring is pretty affordable.

Changing the counters in the bathrooms can be another quick project to update the look. Granite has a pleasing drama, especially when it’s replacing older tiles. However, if you love the look of tile, you can swap out plain white tiles for some color to liven up the feeling of the room. A new faucet or sink will complete the look. Pedestal sinks are a smart choice in a small bathroom. More modern styles, like an above counter vessel design, are striking.

Probably the fastest project, which can easily be done over a weekend, is to get a new shower head. Look for designs with different settings, whether you want gentle drops or something firmer to soothe achy muscles.