Update Silicon Valley real estate.Boost the value of your Silicon Valley real estate with some inexpensive ideas that will really speak to buyers. The exterior of your Silicon Valley home is a good place to start. This is the first impression that a potential buyer will have when pulling up. Make sure that the landscaping is all in order with grass, trees, and shrubs trimmed. Pull weeds and tidy up flower beds and walking paths. Another quick fix is updating the front door. Perhaps it just needs a coat of paint or a whole new door. Entering into a house with a nice door, working doorbell, and overhang to be out of the elements are very important to buyers. Also consider cleaning up the back deck so potential buyers can envision countless summer cookouts with friends.

Brighten Your Silicon Valley Home with New Paint and Light Fixtures

Once inside the house, allow buyers to really envision themselves living in the home. Freshen up the paint with neutral colors. Intense color choices can turn off buyers in a heartbeat. Think of ways to brighten up rooms as well. Tube lights are becoming popular and use reflective materials to bring light into the room without the need to cut in an entire skylight. Consider motion activated lights and also think about the atmosphere of a room. Lights with high wattage make a room feel larger and softer lighting makes a room feel more intimate. The Silicon Valley real estate market is very healthy right now. Put your best foot forward when putting your home on the market to ensure a top dollar offer.