Silicon Valley Real Estate Goes GreenThere are many small and inexpensive things homeowners can do to make their Silicon Valley real estate more energy efficient. Buying a certified green home is one way to reduce your energy use, and the purchase of "energy efficient homes" is on the rise. Besides making a positive impact on the environment, purchasing a new environmentally friendly home or making your current home more energy efficient will also cut down on energy bills.

Cooling your Silicon Valley property in the summer eats up a big chunk of energy use. Improve efficiency and stay cool longer by sealing air leaks, installing a programmable thermostat, cleaning the air ducts, and replacing the air filter in the HVAC system.

All of these things make the system not have to work as hard to keep your home cool and comfortable. You'll benefit in many ways as you'll notice fewer repair bills and a longer life for your entire system. Plus, any measure you take on your air conditioner in the summer will also help your furnace to work more efficiently in the winter.

Decrease the Utility Bills for Your Silicon Valley Property

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A final idea to make your Silicon Valley real estate more energy efficient is to take a look at your light fixtures. If your home still includes incandescent bulbs, consider swapping them out for CFL or LED bulbs. Even though these have a higher price tag when purchasing them at the store, they can save more than $10 a year per bulb. That can really add up.