Santa Clara real estate owners drink boba tea at Moo Bar.Boba is done best at the Moo Bar on Santa Clara real estate. The art of perfecting boba was carefully researched before the doors to the Moo Bar opened. Paired with Taiwanese desserts patrons are in for a taste sensation second to none. Located at 1080 Kiely Boulevard hours are Sunday through Thursday from 12 to 9 p.m. and Friday on Saturday from 12 to 10 p.m. The beverage menu features flavors sure to quench thirsts. Drinks are blended with signature non-dairy, lowfat “moo” milk creamer and fruit juice or teas. Artificial flavors are proudly prohibited. 

Jasmine Moo Tea refreshingly blends jasmine blossom with green tea and moo milk. This concoction serves as a base for additional drinks. Lavender Blossom adds in a bit of taro while Honeydew You Love Me infuses mango juice and honey dew. Fruity flavors add an exotic taste. Santa Clara real estate residents enjoy sips of half a dozen tropical fruits mixed with green tea in the Pinky Promise. Those ordering an On Fleek indulge in green tea with strawberry, peach and mango. The Velvet Sky is an employee favorite highlighting hints of raspberry, pineapple and strawberry within green tea. Boba toppings add to the flavor. Choose from Lychee Jelly, Egg Pudding, Honey Boba, Grass Jelly and Cotton Candy.

Boba Lovers from Santa Clara Homes Can Try All the Fresh Fruit Flavors

When tummies start to rumble Rainbow Cakes quiet them down. First time customers decide upon return visits after just one bite of these light and airy cakes. The original cake is mouthwatering with hints of brown sugar. Mango, Matcha and Strawberry satisfy one and all. Many seek out the Moo Bar when the weather is warm. Ice cream chills inside the counter and provides a perfectly cool treat. Lips are smacking for single, double and triple scoops.

A perfect hangout for neighborhood friends, couples in love, and parents with their offspring, quick trips to the Moo Bar are readily made by locals living in Santa Clara homes. Residents take a moment to refresh and revitalize while sipping a beverage and nibbling a treat.