People from Saratoga homes celebrate the light of the holidays and collect toys and food for those in need.This holiday season families living in Saratoga homes have a wide variety of activities to choose from as they celebrate this special time of year. While the days have grown shorter and the hours of darkness increase, the community is offering multiple ways people can get involved in spreading the light of hope throughout the area.

On the 16th of December, as we enter the final countdown to Christmas Day, the Saratoga Ministerial Association in partnership with the City of Saratoga itself, has planned a unique festivity to strengthen the area’s sense of community. This Celebration of Light is an opportunity for residents to honor the diversity of their city through the medium of light, and everyone is invited to participate. Throughout the history of humanity, across every culture, light has been a symbol of faith, hope, and joy, and this festive occasion will be a way for those who attend to encourage each other in the spreading of this light during the holidays. The Celebration of Light will begin at 5:30 p.m. at Barney Plaza in Saratoga Village, and will include music and performances that will lift the spirits and lighten the hearts of all who are able to be involved. Those who want to learn more about this holiday event can call 408-868-1269 for more information.

Bring Toys and Food to Civic Saratoga Real Estate Locations to Help Families in Need

Another event that is spreading the light of hope throughout the community is the City of Saratoga Food and Toy Drive. Families who live in Saratoga homes are encouraged to share the light of the season through this worthy charity this year. From now through the 16th of December unwrapped toys can be dropped off at multiple Saratoga real estate locations, including City Hall and the Senior Center. The other location options available for leaving toys are the Historical Museum and the Joan Pisani Community Center. For those who want to give more than just toys, non-perishable food items can be donated from now through the 21st of December, and they can be left at both the Senior Center and the Saratoga Library. If those locations are too inconvenient, the Joan Pisani Community Center and the Saratoga Prospect Center will be accepting the non-perishable food items as well. With so many available opportunities for donating during the holidays, the Food and Toy Drive is guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of both those who give and those who receive this year. 

These are just a couple of ways The City of Saratoga will be sharing the light of the holidays with the whole community, and residents are encouraged to take advantage of them as they spread the joy of the season.