People living in Santa Clara love soul food.Homemade cooking is what’s in the oven over at Lillie Mae’s House on Santa Clara property. Generations of family recipes have been passed down to create the menu here. With a little bit of love, lots of soul, and a zest for cooking it up right, Chef Rhonda had dedicated herself to the art of blissful food. Chef Rhonda learned from the best, her mama, and her grandmother Lillie Mae. Cooking from the heart these women had an open door policy that was naturally passed on.

Sample Family Dishes Prepared on Santa Clara Property

Residents living in Santa Clara who sit down for a meal in Lillie Mae’s House know whatever selectin they choose is bound to please. All the classic comfort foods are offered. Southern Fried Chicken and Fried Catfish are favorite dishes. Locals also love the taste of barbeque. The smoked BBQ pork ribs fall gently off the bone and are definitely mouthwatering. All dinners come with hushpuppies, cornbread, and a choice of two savory sides.

Children also love to come for dinner. Their very own menu is filled with selections aimed to please. Ribs, chicken, and mac and cheese are so tasty it's hard to pick between them. Dessert is also done up right. There is always room for a piece of pie or a taste of fruit cobbler with ice cream on top.

Those living in Santa Clara should consider the restaurant when next throwing a party. Lillie Mae’s catering menu more than meets the needs for any special occasion. Call 408.227.7685 or visit Lillie Mae’s House for more information or to make dinner reservations.