Create an outdoor theater on Silicon Valley real estate.Creating an outdoor theater at your Silicon Valley real estate can be a fun and memorable way to spend time with friends and family on warm summer or fall nights. This project can be as simple as hanging up a white sheet, borrowing a projector, and hooking up a bluetooth speaker, or go all out with state of the art equipment. There are huge inflatable screens and high-pixel projectors on the market as well as high quality surround sound speaker systems. It is all a matter of budget and the amount you expect to get use out of this set up. Will this just be used for intimate family evenings or are you a big entertainer?

There are many ideas to consider if hosting large movie nights at your Silicon Valley real estate sounds like fun. Think about seating. Try to find a way to create different levels of seating so that everyone can see. Perhaps chairs for the adults in the back and blankets with big pillows for the kids on the ground in front of the screen. Also, find some ways to include some soft lighting. Light the path to get back into the house or to get to the snacks. Create an inviting snack space with bags for popcorn, candy bars, wine, beer, or get more sophisticated with meat and cheese plates. Just think about snacks that you like that are not too drippy or messy since people will be eating in the dark.

Throw a Party at Your Silicon Valley Home, Complete with a Movie, Food, and Prizes

Go a step farther if this will be a large social event and think about other prizes or entertainment. Come up with some previews before the movie starts when it is time for guests to find their seats. Maybe there are some home movies or shots of favorite places or wildlife. Also consider doing some trivia or a raffle for movie tickets or other event coming to town. Outdoor movie nights are a sure fire way for friends and family to have a great time at your Silicon Valley home. Whether it is a small viewing on a sheet with just the family or a huge gathering on an inflatable screen, the fresh air and stars add such a magical quality to watching a movie.