Read our tips to keep Silicon Valley property secure.Take a little time to prepare your Silicon Valley property for your absence before going on vacation. You will thank yourself when you get back to a clean a secure house. It is very likely that you will be super tired and have gobs of dirty laundry when returning to your Silicon Valley property. Therefore, it is a great idea to leave your house clean and tidy before you go. Make sure that all of the dishes are clean, laundry is done folded and put away, clutter is tidied up, and beds are made. That way you can get home and slide right into your bed for a nap. Also toss out or give away any food from your fridge and pantry that may go bad before your return. No one wants to come back to a stinky house.

Make a Plan to Keep your Silicon Valley Real Estate Secure While You’re Gone

Tell a neighbor that you trust that you will be gone. Consider asking them to keep an eye on your Silicon Valley real estate, water plants, park in your driveway, and collect mail and newspapers. Another option is to put a hold on your mail and newspapers so that your overflowing mailbox does not proclaim to the world that you are on vacation. Other security tips are to activate your security system, collect any spare keys that might be left outside, close the blinds in rooms containing expensive items, and to use a timer for your lights to mimic the times you would normally be home. By taking a little time to prepare your home for your departure, you will have greater peace of mind while on your vacation, and be more relaxed upon returning home.