Go to the symphony near Saratoga homes.The McAfee Performing Arts and Lecture Center will be hosting a free concert for everyone living in Saratoga homes this January. On the 21st, the Saratoga Symphony will be offering their Masters of Lyricism Concert at this modern venue for everyone to enjoy. The 45 member symphony prides itself on its reputation for performing an unusual collection of pieces under the leadership of their talented director, Dr. Jason Klein. They are dedicated to providing masterful performances for their love of the music. Every member is deeply committed to the educational benefits their music provides for the community as well. Since 1970, Dr. Klein has been actively serving the area as a music director in multiple capacities. He is also well known for his entertaining introductions to the music which add a dimension to the concerts that all the audience members can appreciate, whether knowledgeable or novice.

Music Lovers who Own Saratoga Real Estate Enjoy the Work of the Saratoga Symphony

The Masters of Lyricism Concert will be bringing three different pieces together at their Saratoga real estate location, including Orient et Occident by Camille Saint-Saëns. The other two will be Violin Concerto Number 8 “Vocal Scene” by Louis Spohr, and Symphony Number 2, by Sergei Rachmaninoff. Joining the members of the Symphony, Julian Brown will be adding his stunning violin skills to the afternoon’s performance, and everyone is sure to enjoy his talent with this amazing instrument. Julian is currently the concertmaster of three different orchestras and has performed solo works with several orchestras in the Bay Area, including film scores such as Schindler’s List.

Families living in Saratoga homes are all invited to enjoy this masterful concert at 3 p.m. on January 21st at the McAfee Center. The Saratoga Symphony is proud to offer this Masters of Lyricism Concert as a free gift to the public since it strives to provide musical education opportunities for the entire community. Contributions and donations are very welcome for those who want to show their appreciation for all the hard work the members have done. Everyone is encouraged to come and share the sights and sounds of this magical concert! Visit the Saratoga Symphony for more details.