Use a ceiling fan to reduce the utility bill on Silicon Valley property.Being proactive and thinking ahead can help save some major money on utility bills for your Silicon Valley property this summer. Before the weather gets too hot, makes sure that your HVAC system is in good working order. Change all of the filters and take a close look at the outdoor unit to check for any damage such as warped panels or rust on the outside. Also check the inside to make sure it looks good with no animal nests or other wear and tear. Open up all of the vents in your Silicon Valley real estate and give them a good cleaning too so that the system will run efficiently. Also plan ahead and be proactive in your utility use by switching to energy efficient LED bulbs, keeping the blinds closed during the day to limit the sun heating up your home, use a ceiling fan to circulate air, and be thoughtful when programming your thermostat.

Silicon Valley Real Estate Owners Conserve Water

As for water, think of investing in a water cistern. By collecting rainwater, you can keep your Silicon Valley property looking green and neat without running up the water bill. Use this water for the grass, garden, or washing your car. Also keep in mind that an irrigation system actually wastes a ton of water. Even though it may sound nice to have the watering done automatically on a schedule, doing it by hand saves a large amount of water. This means that the lawn won’t get watered wastefully after the rain and that water will only go where it is needed, not on a sidewalk or in rocks. Plan ahead and get a grip on your energy use before the really hot weather hits.