Silicon Valley real estate owners update their bathrooms.If you’re considering updating Silicon Valley real estate, you are probably wondering what will get you a good return for your investment when it’s time to sell your Silicon Valley home. One often overlooked place for renovation is often the bathroom. It’s probably the most humble room in the house, yet it’s also pretty important. It’s amazing how much more smoothly the day goes when you can start the day in a well-designed bathroom. A quick way to make the “littlest room in the house” feel brighter is to paint it a classic white. Adding lighting can also be a quick, inexpensive update. Add sconces on either side of the vanity.

Create a Spa Atmosphere for Your Silicon Valley Home

Bathrooms are typically pretty small, and storage space is sometimes neglected in their design. Create space for small items by clearing out drywall between the studs. This will free up space for small items, like medicines, cosmetics, and other necessaries. Another way to maximize the space you have is to install a pocket door. This is much more efficient than a typical swinging door.

Given California’s water situation, a low-flow toilet is a great idea to both update and be more water-wise. Similarly, a shower head that uses less water is also a good choice. Be sure to get a detachable shower head to maximize efficiency.

A well-designed bathroom creates comfort for the current home owners, as well adding value when putting the house on the market.