Remodel the bathroom at your Silicon Valley home.Consider a bathroom remodel at your Silicon Valley home to increase the joy you feel in being at home and to also add value for resale. Whether you are up for tackling all of the bathrooms in your home, want to stick with fixing up a smaller bathroom, or want to take on the full master bath, all can be beneficial. A mid range renovation of a smaller bathroom should come in with a price tag less than $12,000. It should also fetch about a 64% return on investment when selling. In addition to adding value, it can also increase your satisfaction and amount of pride you have in your Silicon Valley home, especially if it is a bathroom that guests use.

For those interested in remodeling the large master bath in your Silicon Valley property, expect a price tag of about $34,000 for an upscale remodel. This project should fetch a return of about just under 60%. An overwhelming trend among homeowners, according to a U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, is to add a spacious shower to their master bath. Many are saying bye bye to the bathtub and going for a spa like experience with things like a body sprayer or rain shower head. Most people are also going for a very clean look in the bathroom with white countertops, gray cabinets, and generally a bright white for paint.

Get a Good Return on Investment by Updating the Bathrooms of Silicon Valley Property

When thinking about the remodel, don’t forget about upgrading other features such as the lighting, toilet, and adding digital controls. This is also a great chance to completely change the style of the bathroom. A majority of people are going for a contemporary, transitional, or modern design. Take some time to flip through magazines, look at displays, talk to a designer, and think about what you want the room to look like. Also think about the features in the room that you would like to keep and those that can be done away with. What else would you like to add to make it the space you have always dreamed of? With some thought and hard work you can tackle a home project that will bring you joy and a nice return on investment.