Join the Keller Williams Bay Area Estates team and grow your real estate career.We posted last month about a position open in our office for an agent looking to expand a real estate career. We are the Keller Williams Bay Area Estates team, and we offer a truly unique set of advantages. The Bay Area, and particularly the Silicon Valley, is booming. This trend has held steady for the last several years and shows no signs of faltering. The market is highly competitive, which demands that agents are always at the top of their game, who are adaptable and responsive to changes in the market and the needs of clients. For the right person, a great real estate career can be built here.

Join Mario Ramirez and Keller Williams to Expand Your Real Estate Career

In addition to the depth of experience of Mario Ramirez, our head broker, we also offer the advantage of being the Keller Williams Bay Area Estates office. What does this mean for an agent? First and foremost, it means that you will be mentored and cheered on as a new member of the team. Keller Williams offers lots of training seminars, both online and in person. Having experience in the area is of course a necessity for any real estate professional. However, not everyone has the ability to become familiar with the ways that online tools and social media can build a business. That’s where Keller Williams comes in, giving good agents the tools and know-how they need to become great agents. A close relationship with a mentor will also help agents to build their skills. Even in the difficult real estate market after the 2008 crash, many Keller Williams agents not only kept their businesses on an even keel, they even expanded! This is due in part to the way that Keller Williams empowers agents to do the work necessary under any market conditions.

Visit us at Keller Williams Bay Area Estates to learn more about our team. Then visit Keller Williams to learn more about the tools and training offered agents.