Kids explore Saratoga real estate this summer.Get the kids out of indoor Saratoga real estate and into nature. Wilder Skills offers after-school, school day programs, and summer programs that speak to children on a whole other level. Watch children gain confidence and a greater understanding of the world around them as they learn primitive living skills and experience ecology and science firsthand instead of in a text book. Find a program that meshes with your child’s age and interests. Teachers are also invited to consider taking their students on a field trip or inviting the Wilder Skills staff in for classroom presentations. The afterschool programs last for about 2-3 hours and students can learn wilderness survival skills, primitive skills, and to be aware of their surroundings.

Get the Kids in Your Saratoga Home Signed up for Wilder Skills

Help your kids unplug from the video games and television at your Saratoga real estate this summer by participating in summer adventures with Wilder Skills. Programs are available for children ages 7-13 in June, July, and August. General Summer Camp Session Adventures teach basic survival techniques including knife safety, shelter building, information on fire, water, food, and storytelling, ancient culture, philosophy, and even games. Advanced sessions are also available to those who have completed at least one basic session. The location for the camps are a short distance from any Saratoga home at Savannah Chanelle Vineyards. Read more about Wilder Skills and find links to sign up.