Silicon Valley property looks great with drought tolerant plants.Consider xeriscaping the yard of your Silicon Valley property to make it beautiful, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly. Xeriscaping is a trend that is really catching on and refers to planting trees, shrubs, and plants that are native to the area to lower water usage and maintenance requirements. It can be very expensive and wasteful to keep non native species alive. Many hear this term and think of a yard that is drab or colorless, but that is far from the truth and with a little planning, a xeriscaped yard can be very beautiful.

Low Water Landscaping Increases the Value of a Silicon Valley Home

By planting the right plants in the right places and using water saving irrigation techniques, homeowners can cut down their water consumption by up to 60% for their Silicon Valley property. Not only will you be saving money, but also feel good about not wasting water. Consult with a landscaper or do research to figure out the best arrangements for plants and be sure to use mulch and think about drip irrigation to maximize watering the plants that need it. One of the best parts about xeriscaping is that it will increase the value of your Silicon Valley home. A beautiful yard that is cheap and easy to maintain is definitely something that buyers are interested in.