Get scared at the Halloween Haunt near Santa Clara homes.Shadows swirl about Santa Clara homes and monsters lurk in the dark. Over at California’s Great America the Halloween Haunt is in full swing daring the bravest of souls to trespass. Screeches and screams cut through the night as interlopers traverse haunted mazes, skeleton key rooms and scare zones. Those filled with trepidation often seek refuge as an audience member in a live show. Yet there is no safe space to hide amongst the crowd. Weekends up until October 29th creatures will watching and waiting around each and every corner of this Santa Clara real estate.

You’ll Never Look at the Santa Clara Real Estate Location the Same Way After a Night of Scares

As the night begins Opening Scares sets the scene. In this live performance the Haunt’s witch calls out to her minions to begin their treachery. Later on take a seat and prepare for a mind blowing display of ghastly gravity defying motions. Nyte Walker zombies are everywhere including in the air so look out! Mazes are made to confuse. Twists and turns traumatize as creepy mayhem makers poke their heads in and out. A trip to the Backwoods goes terribly wrong as the hunters become the hunted. And, in the eagerly anticipated Toy Factory child’s play turns serious and deadly. Scare zones are nightmares come to life. Creepy clowns rule Jestertown.

Tables are turned on childhood fairy tales in FearyTales located in an eerily abandoned Planet Snoopy. Be on the lookout for a more sinister Rumplestiltskin. Hansel and Gretel's witch is also not so easily manipulated now. Exhilarating rides are momentary escape paths, but not all are as safe as they look going in. An ominous feeling plagues those living in Santa Clara homes who find themselves in line for Demon: Re-Ignited. Special effects raise hairs as lights flash, mists roll in and the waterfall fills with red.

Tickets are available for a discounted price online. For those seeking more chilling moments a Fright Lane upgrade hauls guests kicking and screaming to the front of the line. Shorter waits mean more frightening scenarios playing out during the evening. This Halloween holiday pulses are racing at California’s Great America’s Halloween Haunt. Join in the frightening fun and play with the spirits.