Live in Santa Clara and eat ice cream.Parents and children who live in Santa Clara have been treating themselves to trips to the ice cream parlor for generations. The Mission City Creamery is dedicated to bringing that tradition back in style and with high quality handcrafted products of old. Owner and ice cream aficionado, Chris Leahy has dedicated his time to producing simply delicious frozen treats created from organic and locally sourced ingredients. Flavors range from classic to contemporary mixes. Of course chocolate and vanilla have stood the test of time. Newer blends to try include cucumber sorbet, coffee with heath, pistachio pineapple, lavender honey and red raspberry chip. Combine peanut butter chocolate with a freshly baked cookie for a scrumptious cookie sandwich. The banana splits are generously scooped and meant to be shared. Root beer floats, shakes and sundaes round out the dessert menu at the creamery. Those who are hungry for heartier fare will be happy with the newly added customized hot sandwich menu, providing delicious sandwiches for those who live in Santa Clara.

Enjoy Homemade Ice Cream on Santa Clara Property

Anytime is a great time for ice cream so stop in and indulge with a scoop or two. A cool indulgence will surely hit the spot for kids coming off of the fields from practice or in celebration of a school accomplishment. Why not bring back a quart or pint of chocolate brownie or chai tea back to your Santa Clara property to enjoy later. A complete listing of ice cream flavors can be viewed at Mission City Creamery. Remember to stop in to pick up a special occasion cake available in a variety of sizes and flavor combinations. These delightful treats will surely surprise and satisfy.