Live in Santa Clara and eat Korean barbecue.Gourmets who live in Santa Clara can enjoy a unique dining experience at Spring Grill House. Serving up delicious Korean barbecue, Spring Grill delivers an authentic experience. Each table is equipped with its own smokeless grill, so diners grill their chosen meats to their preferred doneness. Dine in at this Santa Clara property to take advantage of the all you can grill menu. For a flat per-head price, you’ll be able to choose from an extensive menu. Start out with appetizers, including deep fried dumplings, spring roll, or General Tso’s chicken. Warm up with a bowl of miso or beef soup. Try the beef fried noodles or have a steamed bun.

Make Korean Barbecue on Santa Clara Property

For the main course, there’s something for everyone at the table to enjoy. Decide on beef short ribs, chicken breast, sausage, or pork. Go with seafood and try fish filet or calamari. Add a few veggies, like mushrooms, red pepper or onions. Order a side salad or try edamame, kimchi, or seaweed salad. The bean curd puffs are yummy, too. Save room for ice cream and have a scoop of chocolate or vanilla or get more adventurous and try red bean or green tea ice cream.

Go to Spring Grill House to experience Korean cuisine. It’s a great place for couples who live in Santa Clara to have a date night or for friends to meet up for a fun night out.