Live in Santa Clara and visit Headen-Inman House.Old house enthusiasts who live in Santa Clara can tour a beautiful example of a California Arts and Crafts home at the Headen-Inman House. Located at 1509 Warburton Avenue, it was originally part of the Headen estate and was moved to its present Santa Clara property in 1985. The house is named for two of its past owners but is owned by the city of Santa Clara. The woodwork on the interior of the house is exquisite. The four-paneled front door and beveled light fixtures are beautifully preserved examples of typical Arts and Crafts movement features.

The Public Santa Clara Property Houses Art and Historic Artifacts

The Headen-Inman House has several interesting exhibits, which tell the story of the first people to live in Santa Clara. Don’t miss the Santa Clara Founders and Pioneers Room to find out about the people who worked to found the city. Artifacts and photographs bring this history to life. The Santa Clara Art Foundation uses the space for its rotating exhibits. The museum is open most Sunday afternoons from 1 to 4 p.m. Come often, as there is no charge for admission. Free parking is also available on site. Visit the Headen-Inman House online to learn more and see photos of the house. Call 408-248-2787 to get more information and double check the museum is open when you want to visit.