Perform regular maintenance on Silicon Valley property.Do yourself a favor and begin or maintain some simple good habits to keep your Silicon Valley property in tip top shape. Regular maintenance items and “rules” can help make your life much easier down the road and save money. A good simple place to start is to always remove your shoes before entering your home. This keeps your flooring in great shape as well as cutting down on dirt and other germs spreading around your Silicon Valley real estate. Regular window washing and HVAC filter replacement are other places to ensure your home is running efficiently. Clean windows mean that natural light and heat are getting into your home. Also, clean windows mean your house looks classier. Clean HVAC filters mean that cleaner air is circulating in your home and that your furnace or AC unit are not working overtime, which can slash their life expectancy.

Perform Regular Inspections on Silicon Valley Real Estate to Save Time and Trouble

It is a very good idea to earmark a bit of money each month to go into a maintenance fund. This way, it is not a big deal when a minor maintenance issue comes up. Dealing with little issues right away can save them from turning into a bigger issue. That being said, it is quite a good idea to perform mini inspections of your Silicon Valley property regularly. The spring and the fall are good times to do this. Take a look at the outside of your home to check for peeling paint, rotting wood, cracked caulking, dying trees or shrubs, and check the roof for clogged gutters, or cracked or buckled shingles. Before the colder months, check the furnace to make sure it is working properly and have the chimney cleaned if burning wood. By being proactive, your home will continue to shine and be less likely to deal out big projects and unexpected expenses later on.