See The Swings near San Jose homes.Swings are one of the best things about childhood. For kids in San Jose homes, there is a special treat coming to town from August 4th through October 2nd. Come swing and make music on The Swings, special swings that make music. Each swing makes the sound of a different musical instrument. Change the pitch by swinging higher or lower. Head to downtown San Jose real estate at the Plaza de Cesar Chavez. It’s between the Tech Museum of Innovation and the Fairmont Hotel, not far from the San Jose Convention Center. The Swings are free to ride. Open hours for the duration of the installation will be 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Head to Downtown San Jose Real Estate to See The Swings

Adults are welcome to ride the swings, too. Get a group of friends from San Jose homes together and create your own song. Volunteers will be on site to answer questions about The Swings and to supervise. The art installation is the brainchild of a Montreal studio, Daily tous les jours. All ages are welcome, but keep in mind this is not actually a playground. During peak times, each person will get a five-minute turn on The Swings.

Visit The Swings online to learn more about this community-building installation. Find out about volunteering and donating to support the work.