Find out what adds value to Silicon Valley homes.It’s fascinating the think about the small things that add value to Silicon Valley homes. In California, researchers have found that having solar systems can boost home value by around $17,000. Being close to parks can add around $10,000 to the price of Silicon Valley real estate, while proximity to a golf course will add about $8,000. Despite the American love affair with cars, being able to walk to everyday amenities can add a lot to home values. When schools, grocery stores, parks and restaurants are within walking distance, homes can add anywhere from $3,000 to $34,000.

Trees and Gardens Are Great for Silicon Valley Real Estate Prices

Experts have found a few other surprises that add value to homes. Being within 1,000 feet of a community garden can add 9 percent to the value of houses over five years. Having trees in the yard of Silicon Valley homes or on the same street also adds value. Having mature trees anywhere on the property adds around 2 percent, while having even one in the front yard can add 3 to 5 percent. Having mature trees on the street will add about 3 percent to home values, and up to 15 percent in higher income areas. If you’re thinking of selling soon, think about adding trees to your property.

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