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Oct. 4, 2017

Taco Takeover Is Coming for Taco Lovers in San Jose Homes

Taco Takeover is coming to San Jose homes.The San Jose Taco Takeover sweeps the landscape near San Jose homes. Held at Avaya Stadium on October 7th, this energetic fiesta is not to be missed. Live mariachi music maintains a lively vibe with couples and friends dancing, flirting and laughing together. From noon to 7 p.m. the party is in full swing with unlimited margaritas, tequila samples, beer and, of course, tacos. Upgrade to a VIP experience and gain entrance thirty minutes early. VIP’s enjoy the same amenities as general admission as well as indulging in a scrumptious guacamole bar.

Friendly competitiveness is encouraged. Hunger is satisfied and champions declared with nacho eating contests. Take part in bobbing for churros and come up with a tasty treat. Friends raise a glass and toast while cheering each other on.

San Jose Real Estate Owners Enjoy a Day of Tacos, Friends, and Live Music

Local restaurants cook to impress. From spicy to mild all appetites are more than pleased with selection. Found on downtown San Jose real estate, Tacomania brings the good stuff. Regulars who indulge in happy hour at Olla Cocina will be happy to find them onsite. Tacolicious lives up to its name. Tacos El Pelon have just the right combination of bold natural flavors. Party patrons will be pleased to find their regular hangout represented or fall in love with a new place to frequent.

This fun filled event is for adults living in San Jose homes who are 21 and over. Keep the party going and designate a driver or take advantage of a ride with Lyft. Partnering with the Taco Takeover, Lyft customers receive discounted fare for their ride home.

Avaya Stadium is located at 1123 Coleman Avenue. Get some pals together and head on down. Make this an annual get together with the gang. Memories are precious so make some energetic ones at the San Jose Taco Takeover


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Oct. 2, 2017

Read the Silicon Valley Property Report for October 2nd

Read the latest on the Silicon Valley property market.Welcome to the first fall market report on Silicon Valley property. We check in at the beginning of every month to let you know how Silicon Valley homes are selling. The median list price for a home in the area is $2,172,500, which is about the same as it was last month. Over the past several month, the market has been cooling over all. Currently, demand lags behind the number of homes on the market. However, because of the tightness of the market in general, we are still considered to be in seller’s territory. If demand continues its decline, we may see that shift.

Looking more closely at the market profile, we see how steady things are. The average price per square foot is $764, down somewhat from last month’s $786. Houses in the area spend an average of 98 days on the market, about the same as September’s 101 days.

Silicon Valley Homes Are Holding Steady in Their Selling Prices

While we talk a lot about the big picture, it’s in the quartiles that we see more diversity in the Silicon Valley property market. Starting at the bottom quarter, the median price is $924,000 and houses are an average of 1824 square feet. These homes sell in 81 days. Next, homes in the third quartile have a median price of $$1,587,000. They are an average of 2142 square feet and sell in 89 days. The second from the top quartile has a median price of $2,749,000 and an average of 3450 square feet. They sell in 63 days. The top quartile houses have a median price of $$5,498,000. These homes are 6768 square feet on average and sell in 160 days. In each quartile, we see prices remaining basically the same as last month or else going down somewhat.

If you are interested in buying or selling in the Silicon Valley market, call our office. We have lots of experience in the area and would be happy to help you.


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Sept. 27, 2017

Get Creative on Silicon Valley Real Estate and Have an Outdoor Movie Night

Create an outdoor theater on Silicon Valley real estate.Creating an outdoor theater at your Silicon Valley real estate can be a fun and memorable way to spend time with friends and family on warm summer or fall nights. This project can be as simple as hanging up a white sheet, borrowing a projector, and hooking up a bluetooth speaker, or go all out with state of the art equipment. There are huge inflatable screens and high-pixel projectors on the market as well as high quality surround sound speaker systems. It is all a matter of budget and the amount you expect to get use out of this set up. Will this just be used for intimate family evenings or are you a big entertainer?

There are many ideas to consider if hosting large movie nights at your Silicon Valley real estate sounds like fun. Think about seating. Try to find a way to create different levels of seating so that everyone can see. Perhaps chairs for the adults in the back and blankets with big pillows for the kids on the ground in front of the screen. Also, find some ways to include some soft lighting. Light the path to get back into the house or to get to the snacks. Create an inviting snack space with bags for popcorn, candy bars, wine, beer, or get more sophisticated with meat and cheese plates. Just think about snacks that you like that are not too drippy or messy since people will be eating in the dark.

Throw a Party at Your Silicon Valley Home, Complete with a Movie, Food, and Prizes

Go a step farther if this will be a large social event and think about other prizes or entertainment. Come up with some previews before the movie starts when it is time for guests to find their seats. Maybe there are some home movies or shots of favorite places or wildlife. Also consider doing some trivia or a raffle for movie tickets or other event coming to town. Outdoor movie nights are a sure fire way for friends and family to have a great time at your Silicon Valley home. Whether it is a small viewing on a sheet with just the family or a huge gathering on an inflatable screen, the fresh air and stars add such a magical quality to watching a movie.


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Sept. 25, 2017

Enjoy Boba Tea and Desserts on Santa Clara Real Estate at the Moo Bar

Santa Clara real estate owners drink boba tea at Moo Bar.Boba is done best at the Moo Bar on Santa Clara real estate. The art of perfecting boba was carefully researched before the doors to the Moo Bar opened. Paired with Taiwanese desserts patrons are in for a taste sensation second to none. Located at 1080 Kiely Boulevard hours are Sunday through Thursday from 12 to 9 p.m. and Friday on Saturday from 12 to 10 p.m. The beverage menu features flavors sure to quench thirsts. Drinks are blended with signature non-dairy, lowfat “moo” milk creamer and fruit juice or teas. Artificial flavors are proudly prohibited. 

Jasmine Moo Tea refreshingly blends jasmine blossom with green tea and moo milk. This concoction serves as a base for additional drinks. Lavender Blossom adds in a bit of taro while Honeydew You Love Me infuses mango juice and honey dew. Fruity flavors add an exotic taste. Santa Clara real estate residents enjoy sips of half a dozen tropical fruits mixed with green tea in the Pinky Promise. Those ordering an On Fleek indulge in green tea with strawberry, peach and mango. The Velvet Sky is an employee favorite highlighting hints of raspberry, pineapple and strawberry within green tea. Boba toppings add to the flavor. Choose from Lychee Jelly, Egg Pudding, Honey Boba, Grass Jelly and Cotton Candy.

Boba Lovers from Santa Clara Homes Can Try All the Fresh Fruit Flavors

When tummies start to rumble Rainbow Cakes quiet them down. First time customers decide upon return visits after just one bite of these light and airy cakes. The original cake is mouthwatering with hints of brown sugar. Mango, Matcha and Strawberry satisfy one and all. Many seek out the Moo Bar when the weather is warm. Ice cream chills inside the counter and provides a perfectly cool treat. Lips are smacking for single, double and triple scoops.

A perfect hangout for neighborhood friends, couples in love, and parents with their offspring, quick trips to the Moo Bar are readily made by locals living in Santa Clara homes. Residents take a moment to refresh and revitalize while sipping a beverage and nibbling a treat.


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Sept. 20, 2017

Shopping for Silicon Valley Property? Make Sure Your FICO Score Is in Good Shape

Before shopping Silicon Valley real estate, check your credit score.When thinking about obtaining a loan for a Silicon Valley property, it is a good idea to learn a bit about your FICO score. Understanding how this number is generated and ways that you can work on making it better can put you in better shape for being approved for a loan.

Before Applying for a Silicon Valley Home Loan, Check Your Credit Report for Errors

The FICO score is figured based on five factors. The first takes a look at your credit history. Fifteen percent of your score is based on how consistently you have paid bills over time. The next ten percent of the score is based on the variety in accounts that you have. Another ten percent takes a look at how many accounts you have open. If too many accounts are opened close together, it would point toward you being too dependant on borrowing to finance expenses. The larger percentages of your FICO score come from payment history and credit utilization ratio. Thirty-five percent of the score is based on if you pay bills when they are due each month. Thirty percent comes from the amount of credit you are using. Using 30% or less of your available credit can boost your score.

Before applying for a loan to finance the purchase of a Silicon Valley property, it may benefit you to take some time to try to improve your FICO score. There are several ways to do this. First, take a look at the credit report and check it over for errors. There could be an account listed that does not actually belong to you. Check that credit limits have been correctly recorded and that any accounts that have been paid off are accurately recorded. If there are errors, correct the mistakes as soon as possible. Other things that can benefit your score are either paying off a large portion of a balance or asking for raise in credit limit. These small things can make a positive impact on your credit score before trying to lock in a loan for a Silicon Valley home.


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Sept. 18, 2017

Older Saratoga Home Owners Enjoy Activities at the Senior Center

Older Saratoga home owners love the Senior Center.Seniors who call Saratoga home are lucky to have the Saratoga Senior Center available to them. The mission of the Saratoga Area Senior Coordinating Council is to improve the quality of life for older adults in the community by giving them resource services as well as access to physical and social activities. The Saratoga Senior Center has a wide variety of offerings to keep seniors who live in a Saratoga home feeling happy, in good health, and looking forward to activities.

The 50+ Fitness and Movement Classes encourage participants to stay active and move their bodies. Art and music offerings allow seniors to tap into their creative side. Financial, medical, and legal support is also available to those who could use it as well as lunch and nutrition programs. Social groups and caregiver support groups can be found here as well to allow conversation, laughter, and friendship. A monthly newsletter goes out to make sure that anyone interested can be well informed about everything that is going on at the senior center.

Saratoga Real Estate Offers Many Events for Older Adults

Whether utilizing the center or not, everyone can see how important this facility is. A Philanthropy Campaign is underway to fund a project to rebuild the center. Seniors need an inviting place to come to socialize, relax in the reading area, make a snack in the community kitchen, play games, and find take home dinners. Consider donating to this worthy cause to help make a difference in the lives of many who live in Saratoga real estate.

In addition to the senior center, the Saratoga Adult Care Center is also available to help less independent seniors stay mentally and physically active. It really helps to have the ability to socialize and interact with other people in an environment that is safe and caring. Many activities are available throughout the day. This program is available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. with extended hours available to accommodate working caregivers. Read more information about the Senior Center and find a link to find out more about the Saratoga Adult Care Center


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Sept. 13, 2017

Celebrate the Community Around Santa Clara Homes at the Art and Wine Festival

Go to the Art and Wine Festival near Santa Clara homes.Everyone from Santa Clara homes are invited to celebrate together at the annual Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival. 2017 marks the 37th year of this traditional event. Held in Central Park, a weekend filled with fun is planned for Saturday, September 16th and Sunday, September 17th. Fine wine will be on hand from area wineries. Whites, reds, and sparkling fill glasses. Hand crafted beers can be purchased from the Beer Garden where shady spots are made for relaxing.

While parents savor sips of wine, children find plenty to keep themselves busy in the Kids Kingdom. This is the spot for play with inflatable structures for bouncing, carnival games, petting zoo and activities. Delicious treats tempt one and all as hungry tummies find ample fare in the food court.

Santa Clara Real Estate Will Offer Fun, Food, Entertainment, and Shopping This Weekend

The arts and crafts show sets the scene with an array of amazing products. Local and regional artists proudly put forth their products. All kinds of items will be on hand for shoppers to enjoy. Fine art is impressive. Paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and photography pieces are perfect for display in Santa Clara homes. Scents are soothing and come from handmade soaps, lotions and candles. Fashionistas will discover a fantastic selection of jewelry, hats, and clothing. The city of Santa Clara believes in fostering a close knit relationship between government and citizens. Residents can find Information booths set up through the arts and craft show area. At these stations, patrons can discover a wealth of information regarding services and programs offered.

Entertainment is centered on three stages. Community performers show off their talents on the Meadow Stage. Audiences cheer their efforts. The party keeps going as crowds dance to the Spazmatics and other popular bands in the Pavilion. Giggles and laughter is heard coming from the Kids Kingdom Stage. All about the little ones, entertainment here caters to the kids.

Don’t miss the wonderful event held on Santa Clara residents. Neighbors have been coming together for years ready to savor the weekend.


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Sept. 11, 2017

Purchased Silicon Valley Real Estate? Some Upgrades to Consider Before Moving In

Before moving in to Silicon Valley real estate, do a few projects to make the place feel more like home.Consider investing in a few upgrades in your Silicon Valley real estate before you move in. It is much easier to tackle projects before moving all of your stuff in and living in the house. These improvements will likely add value to your home anyway, allow it to be more functional for your needs, and also put your personal stamp on your new space.

Make Your New Silicon Valley Home Feel More “You” Before You Even Unpack

Think about the storage that your Silicon Valley real estate has to offer. Is there enough in every room? Think about closets, the bathrooms, new shelves and cabinets, and the garage. Perhaps add some pantry space to the laundry room or a bench with hooks for coats and backpacks to the entry way. By swapping out or adding new cabinets to the bathroom or kitchen, it not only makes the space more functional, but also allows you to introduce your own preferences for finishes and color schemes.

One part of your Silicon Valley home that absolutely makes sense to update before moving in is the flooring. Now would be the time to rip up carpet and put in hardwoods if that is your preference, or have more resilient carpet in a different color installed. New flooring in the kitchen or bathrooms could really update their look as well. Go a bit further in the bathroom and also think about new light fixtures, hardware, or a double sink.

A final suggestion is to make sure your home is wired the way you need it. Is everything all set for internet service? Is the wiring or circuit breaker panel really old? Are there enough outlets for everything you need in your home office or television room? Think about installing ceiling fans to increase air flow or perhaps security cameras to make sure your home is safe and protected. Without a doubt, owning a home means continual projects, but make life down the road a little bit easier by thinking about what you can do to make the house fit your needs better before moving everything in.


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Sept. 6, 2017

San Jose Home Owners Enjoy a Day Celebrating Antique Cars

Enjoy a day of antique cars near your San Jose home.Spend an afternoon away from your San Jose home at the 17th Annual Antique Autos in the Park. This event is put on by the Santa Clara Valley Model T Ford Club and History San Jose. Come on out to History Park on Saturday, September 9th, 2017 from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. to see some neat old vehicles. Stock antique autos, motorcycles, fire equipment, and bicycles made between the years of 1900 and 1945 will be available for viewing. The featured vehicles of 2017 will be “Trucks, the Workhorse of the 20th Century.”

Spend a Fun Day on San Jose Real Estate, with Cars, Music, and Great Food

Bring everyone from your San Jose home. Admission is just $5 for guests ages 3 and over and there will be something for all ages. Hear live music from Toot Sweet Jazz Band, watch dancing from the Swing Cats, enter to win door prizes, check out the kids activities, munch on food from Peggy Sue’s Restaurant and ice cream from O’Brien’s, and view displays, demonstrations, and presentations on the autos. It will be a fun packed day. All San Jose real estate owners who have vehicles that date 1945 or earlier are invited to bring them along for all to enjoy. View more details about bringing a vehicle, being an exhibitor, and attending the 17th Annual Antique Autos at History Park


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Sept. 4, 2017

Silicon Valley Property Report for September 2017

Read the latest Silicon Valley property report.We hope you’re having a great Labor Day weekend! We’re checking in with Silicon Valley property to see the latest trends. The median home price is $2,198,500. This is about the same as last month. Prices remain in the plateau we’ve seen for the past few months. Asking price per square foot is at $786, essential unchanged from last month. Silicon Valley homes spend an average of 101 days on the market, which is close to last month’s 99 days. The market remains in seller’s territory. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a decrease in inventory, which tends to favor sellers more strongly.

Read the Latest News on Silicon Valley Homes

Silicon Valley property has a more varied picture when it’s divided into quartiles. The bottom 25% of houses have a median price of $925,000. They are an average of 1906 square feet in size and sell in 68 days. The third quartile has a median price of $1,768,000 and are an average of 2344 square feet. These houses sell in 81 days. In the upper quartile, houses have a median price of $2,894,444. They are 3564 square feet and sell in 77 days. The top quartile has a median price of $5,162,000. These properties are an average of 5494 square feet and sell in 182 days.

To discuss your plans for buying or selling on the Silicon Valley market, give us a call!


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