Santa Clara real estate owners play in the water.Spend a day at Boomerang Bay Waterpark and return to your Santa Clara real estate kissed by the sun and tired from a day catching wicked speed down waterslides. There is something here for all ages and level of thrill seeking. Young children can splash around in Kookaburra Cay. Older kids can explore Jackaroo Landing, a fortress with rope ladders, bridges, and many slides. Relax as you float along Castaway Creek, a lazy river for the whole family, or spend some time in the calm Boomerang Lagoon. Anyone not interested in getting wet can also find a comfortable lounge chair or consider renting a cabana to sit back with a refreshing drink and read a good book.

Have a Quick Staycation near Your Santa Clara Home for the End of Summer

Those looking for speed can enjoy a day away from their Santa Clara home making the rounds through the high thrill attractions. The Screamin’ Wombat is a fully enclosed slide with twists and turns that starts three stories high. Drop at a 45 degree angle down the fully enclosed Ripsnort Ridge. Ride with a friend or family member to share the experience of Tasmanian Typhoon or Down Under Thunder. Feel the pull of the ocean waves without leaving covered in sand by checking out the Great Barrier Reef. Spend a great day down under without needing to travel far from your Santa Clara real estate. Find directions, rates, and more information about all of the attractions at Boomerang Bay Waterpark.