Improve the back yard at your Silicon Valley property.If you’re thinking of doing improvement to your Silicon Valley property, don’t forget the backyard. A well-kept and beautifully designed backyard can significantly increase your living space, as well as the value of your property. Here are 5 ideas to get you started!

1. Plant a garden. According to a recent survey, a vegetable garden is one of the most popular elements for backyard design. Locally-sourced, ethically-grown food is becoming a big deal. There’s nothing more local than your own yard. Start small with some herbs, tomatoes, and green beans. Be sure to plant organic seeds or seedlings. You can often find both at your local farmer’s market. Gardeners love to chat, so ask lots of questions, too.

Silicon Valley Real Estate Is Great for Entertaining

2. Get a grill. From a simple charcoal grill to something built-in, there’s nothing like a grill for outdoor entertaining on Silicon Valley real estate. And there’s nothing that says summer like barbecued hotdogs, burgers, or veggie skewers.

3. Improve the patio. Go for snazzy pavers or built-in seating. Build a pergola for shade, and plant a climbing plant like wisteria to boost the cool feeling, as well as adding a delightful scent to the patio. String some Christmas lights or find solar-powered lanterns.

4. Add art. Opt for a vintage look with old license plates or metal signs. Check out local vintage shops for more ideas. Local art shows are another place to look for affordable sculptures for outdoors.

5. Give the kids their own area. If you have kids, or lots of little visitors, a designated area for them is a great idea. A sand box is a classic. Wading pools or a water table will also keep kids occupied for a long time. Get inexpensive water guns for everyone to cool off and get silly all together on Silicon Valley property.