Get great cheese near San Jose homes.Willow Glen is the place to go near San Jose homes for fun and amazing food. 20twenty Cheese Bar is one of the really special spots in the area. Located at 1389 Lincoln Avenue in the heart of Willow Glen, 20twenty is all about great beer, fabulous wine, a revolving menu of cheeses, and yummy small plates. Tour the world’s cheeses without venturing far from San Jose homes. Get a Danish fontina, gruyere from Switzerland, or petit basque from France. The United States is well represented, with Nettle Meadow kunik from New York, Deer Creek Vat 17 cheddar from Wisconsin, and soft and hard cheeses from all over California. The many varieties of salumi from around the US makes great pairings with the cheeses.

Fill up with a mixed boat. Choose the three item course, which includes chef choice of two cheeses and a meat. Or splash out with a six item course, which includes chef choice of four cheeses and two meats, complemented with fruits and nuts. There are also several filling salads and sandwiches that show off the cheeses and charcuterie brilliantly. Save room for dessert, and get a scoop of gelato or a brownie. The wine and beer selections again tour the world and the country, with many local wines and beers proudly showcased. Visit 20twenty Cheese Bar to see the current menu and specials.