See the Foster Farms Bowl near your Santa Clara home.Get out and enjoy some great college football in person instead of on the couch of your Santa Clara home. College Bowl season is an exciting time and those who live in the Bay area get to be a part of the action. Welcome the players from Utah and Indiana for the Foster Farms Bowl. The game itself will take place on December 28, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. at Levi’s Stadium. This bowl game originated in 2002 and has been known by several names, but has remained in the San Francisco area.

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Hosting this game has a positive impact on the economy around your Santa Clara real estate. Players and fans have a great time exploring the beauty of this area. The teams that play in the Foster Farms Bowl get to stay in premier downtown San Francisco hotels, visit Alcatraz, be part of a Pep Rally at Union Square, munch on a kickoff luncheon at the historic Westin St. Francis, and do some community service feeding the hungry at GLIDE and St. Anthony’s. Welcome the players and fans to your Santa Clara home by coming out for some of the events in the week leading up to the game and then coming to Levi’s Stadium for the game itself. Find more information and a link to purchase tickets at Levi’s Stadium