See plays on Santa Clara real estate.The Santa Clara Players provide quality community theater to Santa Clara real estate owners and their neighbors. With a long history in the area and a reputation for fun productions with dramatic flair, the company performs three to four shows a season at the Hall Pavilion. Their current comedic play is Agatha Crusty and the Murder Mystery Dinner running from October 23, 2015 through November 14, 2015. This enchanting tale features a successful couple gathering together in their Victorian home for a friendly dinner party with their special guest of honor Agatha Crusty. Suddenly the evening turns into a who dunnit murder mystery when a stormy evening kills the electricity and the guests one by one. Those in attendance will return to their Santa Clara homes satisfied from a night of laugh out loud comedy after watching the characters try to discover who means them harm.

Past productions by the Players include such comedies as The Importance of Being Earnest and You Can’t Get There From Here. As a non-profit community theater group, The Santa Clara Players pride themselves on offering superb, artistic performances to the Santa Clara real estate area. Find more information at the Santa Clara Players website to reserve tickets and to see the current and upcoming lineup of shows.