Live in Saratoga and eat chocolate.Chocolate lovers who live in Saratoga delight in rich decadence at Saratoga Chocolates. Exceedingly fresh, the high quality treats are created right on this Saratoga property in the heart of the Saratoga Village. Priding itself on producing top of the line products, high quality ingredients used by Saratoga Chocolates come from California and have no preservatives, additives or hormones. Shoppers who live in Saratoga will have a hard time choosing once inside the shop. The selection is seemingly endless with both traditional and unique sweets. Dipped fruits and nuts offered are dark chocolate candied orange peels, dipped dried figs and apricots, and chocolate covered hazelnuts.

Local favorites include wrapped vanilla caramels or almonds and cayenne pepper toffee. Gift boxed chocolates come in a variety of sizes and styles. Selections may be made for mostly dark or milk chocolate. Or, if preferred, customers can customize, choosing the individual pieces themselves, even with online orders. Make up a signature selection for the next party on your Saratoga property. Chocolate connoisseurs who want to indulge a little further can take advantage of a wine and chocolate pairing. Savor sips of fine wines and rich chocolates after enjoying a chocolate making demonstration. Satisfy those chocolate cravings today with at stop at Saratoga Chocolates. View wine sampling times, the full list of chocolates and treats, and get directions online at Saratoga Chocolates.