Silicon Valley property owners interview listing agent.One of the most important decisions you make when selling or buying Silicon Valley property is choosing your real estate agent. You want someone with plenty of experience who can get you the best price for your home. After a listing presentation, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Here are few questions to ask the agent to make sure they’re the one for you.

1. Make sure the agent knows your particular neighborhood. Ask about the price of the last house they sold in the area. Also ask when the house was sold. The right agent will have this information at their fingertips.

Find a Solid Silicon Valley Real Estate Agent for the Best Experience

2. Find out how the agent will promote your home and then follow up with leads. The internet makes promotion pretty easy. Getting on the MLS, exposure on the agent’s site, as well as big-name real estate portals, are all important. The other half of that is following up with people who express interest in your Silicon Valley real estate. It’s vital that the agent has a clear strategy for getting in touch with these people.

3. Ask if there are elements in your home that might lower the sales price. Then find out if there are improvements to make to balance the detriments. It’s best to have this all discussed from the outset. If your Silicon Valley property is going to sell for significantly less than you thought, you have to budget for that in your new home search. Knowing the work that should be done to fetch the highest price will affect how quickly you can put your house on the market. If you’re on a timeline for a job, you’ll need to factor in renovations.

Make sure you have good communication with the agent and that they have good answers for your questions. This lays a solid foundation for a smooth real estate transaction.