Install solar panels on Silicon Valley real estate.One of the newest and most popular ways to upgrade Silicon Valley real estate is to install solar panels. This adds value to any Silicon Valley home, as well as making an important commitment to doing your part to help the environment. Once you make the decision to go for solar panels, the next question is whether to lease or buy them.

Add Value to a Silicon Valley Home with a Solar Array

There are several issues to consider. If you might sell your Silicon Valley real estate soon, then it makes sense to buy the panels. This will increase its value on the market. California is a leader in renewable energy in the country, so check into local, state, and federal incentives for solar panels. You may be eligible for significant discounts or tax credits for purchasing a solar array. Energy companies may also buy Solar Renewable Energy Certificates. Owners of solar panels can sell these to power companies to help them fulfill their renewable energy quotas. Buying also makes sense only if you have the ability to take out a loan to cover the cost or have saved money that can be put toward a solar array. Leasing makes more sense for those who aren’t in a position to invest or take on a loan. Upgrades may be available at the end of a lease, too.

There’s no better time to install solar panels. They are a great way to decrease energy consumption while adding to the value of your home.