Every once in awhile I come across something I just have to share. I get a lot of calls from people who are curious about how much their home would sell for, but aren't "quite" ready to make a move. I am excited to talk with each one of you and wanted to offer you my new Silicon Valley Home Value Tool. While it's no replacement for a personal call, my tool will help you find a true, accurate valuation on your home at any time.

You'll be surprised at it's accuracy. I know I was, even as a real estate professional!

Get Your Silicon Valley Home ValueEach Silicon Valley home value is based on real-time properties that have sold nearby. The homes valued are taken directly from MLS statistics and Realtor reports, providing up-to-date data based on the latest sold listings. Get an accurate estimate based on what's happening in today's market!
Rather than other sites that use unreliable tax values, you get the true value of your home with our tool.
Here is how it works:

  1.  Click on this page: Instant Home Value
  2.  Enter your complete address.
  3.  Press Submit.
  4.  Verify the property information and press the green button for your estimate.

It’s that easy! Prefer more detailed information, fill in the form details for a full valuation report or call me so I can stop by and evaluate your home OR consider the list below when detaining condition.

  *   Excellent: Well-maintained and upgraded with quality materials.
  *   Great: Well maintained and with no maintenance concerns.
  *   Fair: Maintenance is questionable and minor repairs are needed.
  *   Poor: In need of major repairs.

I'm available anytime to help with your Silicon Valley home sale at 408.605.9999.