Give the exterior of Silicon Valley property a facelift.There is more to staging your Silicon Valley property for a sale than just preparing the inside. Giving the outside a little attention can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home and reel in the buyers. In most cases this does not mean going totally crazy and repainting the whole exterior, but perhaps pressure washing the siding and cleaning the windows inside and out. While you’re at it, clean dust off the screens as well. Do this yourself or think about hiring someone. Consider picking up some new shiny numbers for the outside of your Silicon Valley property and cleaning or updating the hardware on your front door as well.

A Beautiful Exterior Helps a Silicon Valley Home Sell Better

Do some weeding outside in the garden and cut back any overgrown bushes. Think about adding a little color with some new flowers and make sure that sidewalks and pathways look well kept. Also spruce up or replace the patio furniture at your Silicon Valley home. While pressure washing the siding also take are of the patio furniture and make sure it looks great. A beautiful home exterior will make a good impression on buyers and draw people to come see it and often pave the way for a higher selling price. Give it the attention it deserves.