Read our tips to find the right Silicon Valley property area.There are many things to consider when choosing a neighborhood in which to purchase a Silicon Valley property. Sit down with family members to create a list of must haves, hope to haves, and definitely do not wants. Once looking at properties, the hope to haves are things you may have to compromise on, but do not waver on the other categories. Think about if you are looking for life in a happening part of town in close proximity to bars and the night life or a quiet tree-lined street safe for the kids to play. Think about proximity to work, public transportation, and other amenities such as grocery stores and favorite hang outs. It is also important to consider the future. Even though the nightlife sounds great now, will a quieter spot for your Silicon Valley property be needed in a few years when starting a family?

Explore Many Silicon Valley Real Estate Locations to Find Your Best Match

Do your research. Check out crime rates, schools, and drive around the neighborhood to see how well people keep up their houses and what the vibe of the area is. Come by at various times of the day to see if any annoying trains come by in the early hours, traffic is super loud during rush hour, or there are a bunch of dogs that bark at night. Stop by to talk to the neighbors to see if they are pleasant and how they enjoy living in the neighborhood. Do not forget to first make sure that the Silicon Valley real estate in the neighborhood of your dreams actually fits into your budget. Otherwise all of this thought and research could be a waste of time. Once initial thought and preparations are complete, enjoy the house hunting process and life in your new neighborhood.