Research popular renovations for Silicon Valley property.Interior Design trends for a Silicon Valley property come and go and they do not always mesh with personal tastes and increasing the property value. There are many design trends that can even bring the value of a property down. It is a good idea to do some research, especially if you anticipate selling in the near future, before deciding to go forward with a bold design trend.

A good rule to follow when selling a home is to keep everything as neutral as possible. Try to stay away from bright color schemes or even all white just because it seems so daunting to keep clean. Buyers need to be able to see their families living in the home and envision a few easy changes or upgrades that will match their tastes. If too many costly and elaborate upgrades have already been done, it may discourage a buyer because it will seem too expensive to change the design.

Research Market Trends Before Doing Expensive Silicon Valley Home Remodels

Although you may enjoy a high tech house, this could really turn off potential buyers who may feel like they are paying more money for systems they will not use. Complicated lighting controls and high tech sound systems can actually devalue your Silicon Valley property. This is also true of large built ins and recessed appliances. Bumping out walls to accommodate something like a recessed television could even take away square footage and turn off buyers who may not have the same size or style appliance.

Also beware of going overboard with decorative tiles and copper accents in your Silicon Valley home. Patterned bathroom floor tiles or patterned carpets in hallways are in style right now, but these are very expensive to replace if the buyer does not appreciate the same pattern or color scheme. This is also true of shower rooms. Many buyers actually prefer having both a tub and a shower.

Try to find balance when implementing interior design. Consider your own tastes, how long you plan to live in your home, and also making sure your home will appeal to future buyers.