Silicon Valley home prices slow down.Silicon Valley home selling has been famous for its high prices and bidding wars over the last few years. However, 2016 saw a clear slowing in the Silicon Valley real estate market. While prices continue to rise, some buyers find themselves priced out of the market. There also continues to be a problem with low inventory, especially at the less expensive end of the market. A typical Silicon Valley home can easily sell for $1 million or more. Buyers who don’t have that in their budgets have to compete for an ever-shrinking number of homes. This has led to some buyer fatigue, with people deciding to stop looking or not engage in bidding wars. Not every price range saw a drop. While homes below $1 million saw a decline in sales, homes priced between $1 and $2 million saw an 8% increase in year-to-date sales. Homes priced above $2 million also saw a decrease. Overall, sales decreased 6%.

Silicon Valley Real Estate Simmers Down in 2016

The slowdown in the Silicon Valley market is not all bad. In fact, most experts have been predicting it. Additionally, it signals a stabilization in the market, which is a positive factor. If the market can even out, it may even entice some buyers back.

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