Get staging tips to sell your Silicon Valley property fast.Ensure that an open house for your Silicon Valley property is a success by committing to thorough preparation. No one wants to walk into a cluttered, dark home that smells funny. Talk to your real estate professional about ways to prepare and also consider these tips.

Remove any unneeded items from your home and put them in storage. Homeowners need to create a space that potential buyers can envision themselves living in. It would also be a good idea to make it look like there is more than enough storage space. Clean out closets and underneath sink cabinets. Leave only what is necessary because visitors will be opening up everything. In addition to decluttering, make sure everything in your house is clean. No one wants to see dirty grout lines, pet hair, or gunk in the refrigerator. Dust, wipe down everything, and clean mirrors and windows.

Make Your Silicon Valley Home Look at Bright and Inviting as Possible

In addition to cleaning the windows, make sure to open up all the blinds or curtains and turn on all of the lights before an open house at your Silicon Valley home. Consider switching to brighter light bulbs. This is especially important in rooms that have dark paint colors or small windows. The more light you can get in your home, the brighter, more open, and more spacious it will look. Turn on under cabinet and hood lighting as well, so that it lights up the space and so potential buyers will notice it.

Those attending an open house at your Silicon Valley property will really notice if you take the time to prepare properly. They will know that you are serious about selling and that this could be a great place to put an offer on. Going the extra mile means ensuring your house smells good. Clean out all litter boxes, pet food dishes, and make sure no pet hair is on the floor or furniture. Consider baking something delicious smelling in the oven before guests arrive to make your home smell warm and inviting. Also think about preparing materials to set out about things like utility costs and available companies, details about home renovations or repairs, or the date when the new roof was put on. The more information potential buyers have about a home and the better it looks when they come to see it makes it more likely to sell quickly.