Read our staging tips for a Silicon Valley home.Summer is the high season for home selling. If you’re selling a Silicon Valley home this summer, you know that you have to keep it in tip top shape for showings. The way to survive the grind of last-minute showings is to have a routine to keep everything in order. Once you have your home deep cleaned and decluttered, establish rules for everyone in the house to keep their spaces neat. Beds should be made every day. Clothes must be put away. Of course, you’re still probably living in your Silicon Valley home during the selling period, so you need to eat in the kitchen, use the towels in the bathrooms, and have a few books or toys around if you have kids.

Sell Silicon Valley Real Estate Quickly with a Tidying Routine

The key is to work out a way to get the house show ready as quickly as possible. This will look different if there are children, an at-home parent, or everyone in the household is gone during the day at work or school. However, a few tips will be useful for any situation. Tidy the house starting from either the top floor or the back of the house and work your way out. Have a basket to put in your everyday items or else have a drawer in a dresser where you can hide things in each room. People will look in closets, so keep them as uncluttered as possible.

Focus on making things look clean. This means vacuum the floors but don’t worry too much about getting under dressers or sofas. Give the bathrooms a quick wipe down. Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher or just use paper plates and plastic flatware. Sweep the kitchen and entryway or use a floor vacuum. A spare, tidy home will sell quickly on the fast-moving Silicon Valley real estate market.