Get fit on Santa Clara property.To stay fit and meet friends, Santa Clara property owners head to the Community Recreation Center. The building has a stage, kitchen, activity rooms, and ceramics room. Adults and kids living in Santa Clara have many choices for classes to take. Residents of the city have priority registration, as well as reduced rates for many classes. Choose sports, art classes, dance or get involved with the Junior Theatre. Master the basics of drawing, move on to pastels, or take up throwing pots and take a ceramics class. Learn to play guitar, take piano lessons, or sing.

Everyone Living in Santa Clara Can Find Fun Classes

There are also drop-in exercise classes held everyday. The cost for one class is $5.50. Consider a pass to get a reduced rate per class. Babysitting is also available during classes held in the morning Monday through Friday. The cost per child is $2.50. Classes include pilates, kickboxing, and Zumba.

Special events are held throughout the year. Residents are also welcome to rent the Community Recreation Center for events and parties. A schedule of classes is mailed to every Santa Clara property three times a year. You can also visit the Community Recreation Center online or in person to pick one up. Find out about all the things you can do at the center!