Live in San Jose and see live theater.Stories spring to action on stage live in San Jose at the The Stage. Located right in the middle of downtown San Jose properties, this venue has a dedicated history of providing high quality off-Broadway theater to the local community. Past events include The 39 Steps, RFK and Valley of the Heart.

Currently in production at The Stage is the critically acclaimed The Wild Party. The scene is set in Manhattan during prohibition times when star-crossed lovers decide to throw caution to the wind and host a rambunctious party. When the night gets wild and flirty, a love triangle ensues and eventually erupts with gunfire. This gripping tale will keep audiences glued to their seats. Due to the volatile nature of this impressive showing it has a parental guidance rating of PG-16.

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A promising upcoming 2016-2017 season for The Stage is also in the works. Currently scheduled on the calendar are We Are Proud To Present, The Night Alive and Summer Musical. Regular hours for the box office are Tuesday to Friday from 12 to 5 p.m. Will call opens one hour before showtimes on performance days. With so many promising productions coming soon drama is ensured with the rise of the curtain until its fall at the end. Theater aficionados will not want to miss a thing, and can receive all the latest information by entering their email at the website for The Stage