Read our tips for shopping Silicon Valley homes.The real estate market can be difficult to navigate. Potential homebuyers often go in blind, and even experienced shoppers can have a difficult time narrowing down their search. Here are three comprehensive ideas to consider while shopping:

You have time to compare Silicon Valley homes. Don’t let anyone pressure you into buying something you don’t like. It’s estimated that one in every four homeowners isn’t satisfied with their purchase. Unhappy homeowners have to make the most of a difficult situation. But remember - you have time, and we are here to help you. We can help you narrow the selection down so that you can spend your time looking at properties you do like.

Determine Your “Must-Haves” for a Silicon Valley Real Estate Purchase

Neighborhood and commute aren’t the only concerns. Think seriously about the type of life you would have both inside and outside. Think about the small spaces inside potential Silicon Valley homes and how your family would use the outdoor space. Take photos and videos of every room and hallway and share them with your family. Think seriously about whether it would be a property your parents or older relatives could live in comfortably. Discuss how your current furniture and pets would fit into the spaces. There are several easy-to-use phone apps that can help you brainstorm interior design possibilities in 3D maps.

Once you’ve found Silicon Valley real estate you really like, take your find seriously. It’s likely that others with the same criteria - such as preferred location, bedroom number and yard size - have noticed the property you like best or will be introduced to it soon by their realtor. Discuss the financial feasibility with your financial advisor or bank representative. Introduce yourself to potential new neighbors and ask them about where they hang out to relax and shop. And remember - your realtor is there to help you with the next steps.