Save your sanity while selling Silicon Valley property with kids.Selling your Silicon Valley property while having young children can seem stressful and daunting. It will surely not be easy, but there are many tips and tricks to save your sanity. First of all, you will have to drastically reduce the amount of stuff in your Silicon Valley property. If you have a good friend of family member close by with extra storage space, this could be a lifesaver. Consider not only asking to store your stuff at their place, but to also ask if it would be ok to drop in whenever there is a showing. If this does not work, you will likely need to rent a storage unit and keep a list handy of fun and convenient places to go when you get the call for a showing.

Keep a List of Places to Go When Your Silicon Valley Home is Showing

When that call comes, keep a list of last minute cleaning that needs to be done in the 10 minutes before you head out the door. Consider taking the children’s art supplies to storage so you are not frantically trying to clean marker off of the wall before people come to see your Silicon Valley home. Also keep bags packed by the door for both the children and yourself. Put diapers, toys, activities, snacks, phone charger, makeup, and other must have items in the bags for easy grabbing. Start planning, purging, and decluttering well in advance and think ahead to make the process of selling your home go as smoothly as possible.