Read our staging tips for Silicon Valley real estate.If you’re getting Silicon Valley real estate ready to sell, there are a lot of logistics to juggle. Most real estate agent will want you to clear out at least some of your furniture. This will help the house to appear larger and more spacious. It also gives you a head start on packing. Renting a storage unit is a good short-term solution until you move into your new house. As with any packing, make sure you label boxes clearly on all sides. Keep an inventory of what’s in the unit. Finally, be strategic about how you pack the unit. Store things from the same room in the house together, with more frequently used items toward the front and accessible. Be sure to leave a path between boxes for easy access.

New Light Bulbs Help Silicon Valley Property Seem Bigger and Brighter

Once your Silicon Valley property is cleared out, it’s time to think about staging. One option is to hire a professional staging company. Doing it yourself is another good choice. Study some interior design blogs to figure out a good configuration for your home. Be sure to change out the light bulbs so your home appears bright and cheerful. A few new lamps would be a great investment for Silicon Valley real estate. A home that is clean, bright, and spacious will sell faster and for more money.

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